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lmost half of all children live in inadequate housing with poor flooring ▓and overcrowding.-- Almost half of all▓ children are not fully immunized or were born to mothers who did not get enough ant▓enatal care or birth assistance.-- One in five children are forced to walk more than 30 minutes to fetch water

or use unsafe drinking water.

verty for children. Children who

More than one third of children live in homes with no tap water.Major challenges stand in the ▓way of measu

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ring the impact of poverty on children and taking collective action towards poverty alleviat▓ion. To start

eaded by an uneducated fa▓mily me

with, countries in the region don't consistently collect data on poverty while widespread and ongoing viol

mber are twice as likely to li

ence and displacement make it extremely difficult to get data from conflict-affected countries.Absence of

ve in pover▓ty. One quarter o

a full under▓standing of children's reality, including the most margina▓lised or invisible, risks that existing policies and actio▓ns fall short from addressing child poverty effectively."The return on investing in the most vul▓nerable children now is a peaceful and prosperous region in the future," Cappelaere said. "It takes a combination of true leadership and courageous▓ public and private investment from go▓vernments, civil society, private sector, in▓dividuals and the international community."Please▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on I▓nstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on▓ WechatNumber of children aged under 15 falls to record low in JapanNumber of children aged under 15 falls to record low in JapanNumber of children aged under 15 falls to r▓ecord low in Japan05-05-2017 07:55 BJTTOKYO, May 4 (Xinhua) -- The number of children aged under 15 in Japan fell for ▓the 36th straight year to record low, ▓the Japanese government said Thursday.According to stati▓stics from Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the nu▓mber of children aged under 15 dropped to 15.71 millio▓n as of April 1, the lowest level s▓ince data became available in 1950.The ratio of children aged under 15 to the overall population also dropped to a record-low of 12.4 percent, ▓down for the 43rd straight year, gover

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